Desktop License


Our Desktop License allows you to install our fonts on your computer and use them for layouts and designs in software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and more. This license covers more of the broader design uses such as logos, brand guidelines, print/PDF layouts, and eBooks. When purchasing a Desktop License, you will choose the number of users in your company who will need to install the font files on their machines.

Web License


Our Web License allows you to host our fonts on your website and call them through CSS. After purchasing a web license, you will be given WOFF and WOFF2 files to upload to your website. The fonts can then be called using the @font-face and font-family: syntax. When purchasing a Web License, you will want to select the appropriate number of monthly page your website receives for the proper coverage.

App License


Our Application License allows you to style out your application or game with our fonts. When purchasing an App License, you will select the number of apps or games you would like covered. A single application or game License still allows you to release the title across across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Steam, Xbox, Playstation, etc.).

Film & Broadcast License


Our Film & Broadcast license allows you to display our fonts in various commercial broadcast media (e.g. movies, films, TV shows, etc.). The Film & Broadcast license is purchased for the number of Titles / Productions the fonts will be used in and is not restricted to specific geographic locations.

Custom Licenses


If you think you need custom or further coverage on any of the above licenses, please reach out to